Updating a popcorn ceiling consequences of illegal dating

Or choose a metallic finish for extra sheen and drama.

Many companies now provide faux pressed tin and other panel systems specifically designed to cover stuccoed or damaged ceilings. To have a professional install these materials for you, expect to pay several hundred dollars extra.

This slow-drying finish will take more labor to complete, but the results have incredible depth and elegance. If you’re not into painted beadboard, try multitonal wood for a rich, inviting treatment that’s great for a den or sitting area.

Contrast it with white molding and crossbeams, or let the wood speak for itself.

Try pot lights, or semi-flush-mounts (or pendants) with an opaque shade to aim light downward rather than multiple directions.

However, a textured ceiling does have its advantages.

So I didn’t have to roll up my sleeves for that one.

But I still did write up a step by step tutorial on how to repair a hole in your ceiling drywall. So it seemed kind of silly to cover the repaired drywall with more popcorn.

Ceiling Replacement One of the simplest alternatives to scraping is removing and replacing the ceiling drywall.

Alternately, you can have the ceiling layered over with new drywall.

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The drop in the ceiling plane will often be minimal, and this method can encase asbestos rather than releasing it into the air, delaying the issue, if not resolving it.

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