Accomodating lenses

Schematic training eyes allow you to practice retinoscopy, ophthalmoscopy, and slit lamp biomicroscopy techniques.

Special eye models greatly help the eye surgeon explain specific procedures to patients, such as cataract, IOL, and LASIK models.

The following exemplify a few of the most commonly ordered batteries: Welch Allyn 72300 Battery, Welch Allyn 72200 Battery, Welch Allyn 72000 Battery, Welch Allyn 72100 Battery, Welch Allyn 72610 Battery, Welch Allyn 72600 Battery, Welch Allyn 72240 BIO Battery, Welch Allyn 71960 Battery, Welch Allyn 72420 Battery, Propper 196820 Battery, Propper 199121 Battery, Propper 196633 Battery, Propper 199119 (B310) Battery, Marco KM500 Battery, Marco KM500 Battery, AO Reichert Fulvue Battery, Keeler Vista Battery.

A few of the supplies and consumables offered by Western Ophthalmics include pen lights, eye patches, post-mydriatic specs, Ocufilm tonotip covers, press-on optics, phoroptor face shields, chin rest tissues, printer paper, recording charts, dust covers, gloves, eye bubbles, fluorescein, tear tests, eye protection, occlusion foils, and stereo slide viewers.

A good lensometer is imperative for efficient optical dispensing or optical laboratory work.

Upon request, some obsolete batteries can even be custom fabricated on a case by case basis.As a result, we are particularly equiped to supply RGP modification units and RGP polishing supplies.Visual Acuity Testing and Vision Screening can be performed at many levels.Western Optical developed a full service ophthalmic instruments style that customers liked in 1964.The vision of becoming your single source for ophthalmic instruments and supplies, created the foundation on which Western Ophthalmics' website is now built.

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