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My cock was semi-flaccid but still wedged up inside my daughter’s soaked pussy, plugging all the copious globs of semen inside Bella.

“And if you don’t ‘catch’ this time princess we might have to do it again…and again…and again.” “Oh yes,” Bella sighed “that’d be so cool.

Every night around nine, Janis Adkins falls asleep in the back of her Toyota Sienna van in a church parking lot at the edge of Santa Barbara, California.

On the van's roof is a black Yakima Space Booster, full of previous-life belongings like a snorkel and fins and camping gear.

Then, for what seemed like an eternity, I fucked her beautiful mouth — at first with a slow pace but gradually intensity as this erotic moment consumed all my sanity. Her moans and cries grew in tempo and passion whilst I as well grunted with uncontrolled pleasure. I hadn’t felt such carnal delight for years, and of course Bella’s once virgin cunt was now being pumped again and again in a way she never knew possible. Screw me like I’m your wife, your lover, your whore.” Blushing a little when she said the last word Bella was taken aback by the increased vigour of her dad’s thrusts. Gonna show you what happens to slutty girls like you when they make daddy all horny and need to fuck your tight teen cunt! ” Bella wailed and simpered, her legs thrashing round my back as she felt the throbbing cock piston into her cunt.

Bella’s tongue rubbed my cock over and over, and then with my surprised acceptance she let me probe further. ” “Goddamn, I love you, wanted you for so long, need your dick dad. After about 3 or 4 minutes the we had finally tossed aside all nervousness and worry about the taboo we were breaking. She wondered to herself whether she wasn’t just her father’s lover and daughter. The thought both thrilled and shamed her, and almost immediately she began to squeeze my prick with her cunt. ” I let forth a gush of lewd chat as I punched into my daughter’s cunt again and again with my prick. It was as if every restraint, every barrier, every hang up that had been delaying her development into a sexual being were being destroyed on the same bed she once slept in snuggled up to her teddy bears.

I kissed her on her cheek and then reared back a little, edging my cock a little away from her hymen. Meanwhile, underneath, my daughter was grunting in spasms of pain and pleasure — her vagina now slick with the mixture of her own pussy juice, my pre-ejaculate and the hymeneal blood that was released when I tore her maidenhood. “Yeah…but now that you’re inside me it feels a little better. Dad; it’s like I have this really throbbing wet fullness down there,” her eyes glancing down towards where I am locked cock-in-cunt “and it’s good now daddy.” “I love it too honey.

I went as far as I could with that initial push, and now that I am balls deep in the cunt of my 14 year old daughter, I stopped, coming to a dead stop. Very full though.” I twitched a little, making my daughter shudder. Much better than your mother’s first time with me”, I reassured her, and so I made sure she understood that she was loved just as much now if not more so.

“I can feel your cum daddy,” Bella purred, “it’s kinda warm and itching inside me.It edged in slowly, and as it did, she scrunched her eyes up tight and did as I said.Breathing in and trying to block out what she thought would be agony, Bella was pleasantly surprised to feel a filling, tingling sensation as I, her father, drove my dick deeper.We think you'll find our orgasm erotica rather special.You'll find complete galleries of all the samples above in our members section, together with much much more.

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