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When you recall what happened in Lisong Hot Spring in your office or home, it seems like a dream. People who live in or travel to Taiwan have been fortunate enough to explore the beauty of Nature.10 things you must know before go to Lisong Hot Spring.

It is near 168~169km on the southern cross-island highway and we have to go down along the trail. It usually goes uphill on outbound trip and goes downhill on your return for mountainous hiking.Some patients with biliary atresia (BA) have associated anomalies.Our study aimed to investigate the incidence of BA-associated malformations in mainland China, and compare the results with those reported in the Western literature.The last part of the downhill is relatively dangerous and very steep with a 70~80-degree slope.Please keep the safe distance from the person next to you to prevent the falling rocks kicked from the person who is above you.

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That is to say that you have to forget about the internet, convenient life temporarily when you step into this wonderland.

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