Updating the metasploit framework

Metasploit Frameword is an Opensource penetration tool.Backtrack always bring Metasploit Frameword on every version.Metasploit Framework require update because it will add more or new exploit and payloads.With the updated library of the exploits and payload, Metasploit Framework will more power full.An "exploit" can only exist if also a vulnerability exists.Keep in mind that (1) by far not all vulnerabilities can be exploited and (2) if it is exploitable this doesn't mean someone has written exploit code or (3) if someone has succeeded in writing an exploit that someone might not have made the exploit code public.The "exploit" can be many things, it can by a piece of C coding compiled into an executable, a python program and also a metasploit exploit module.The advantage of metasploit is simply that it makes many things easier you need to do manually otherwise.

The plugin don't use any port as browsers don't listen for incoming connections of any sort.

However, keep this in mind that updates do provide a real defense against a lot of remotely exploitable vulnerabilities and must be applied as soon as released by the vendor (especially in case of personal systems).

, you need to understand that it's not as simple as that! You have updated and patched your windows system and there are no metasploit exploits that are available in the framework that can exploit the operating system.

So how to update Metasploit Framework on Backtrack 5 R2?

I have been learning about metasploit and it is a framework of exploit and payloads.

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