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But he added: 'The issues that we deal with today...

do not just affect your lives, but also the lives of future generations, and you do not have the moral right to turn your back on [them].'For much of the speech Sanders returned to his campaign trail rhetoric, tackling the familiar topics of wealth inequality, the prison system and political corruption.

According to media reports, Pattinson and Penn were spotted on Sept.

The Vermont Senator said it was understandable that many students felt the system was 'rigged' against them, and felt like throwing their hands up in despair.

He was also recently seen with trainer Sydney Liebes outside Harley Pasternak’s gym, where she works.

But a second source shoots down any insinuation that the two are an item, telling PEOPLE that “Pattinson has trained with Liebes a few times in Harley’s absence and that s it.” In May, Pattinson and Stewart, 23, called it quits after more than three years of dating, their relationship having weathered intense strain and scrutiny following her fling with her married director, Rupert Sanders.

He said: 'While my father escaped from Hitler and the Holocaust, many in his family did not.

For them racism, right-wing extremism and ultra-nationalism were not "political issues" they were issues of life and death, and some of them died horrific deaths.'From that experience, what was indelibly stamped on my mind was that we must never allow demagogues to divide us up by race, religion, national origin, gender or sexual orientation.'He also branded the criminal justice system 'broken', saying black, Latino and Native American people were disproportionately represented in the prison population.

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