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There is no suggestion that those involved acted illegally.

The daughter of Paula Yates and Michael Hutchence is set to 'inherit millions' when she turns 21 next week, it is claimed.

Official estimates at that time of his death put his worth at £14million to £20million. An executor's report released in 2005 stated that at the time of his death, Hutchence had a mere £300 (AUD6) in cash and an additional £340 (2) in a bank shared by the band.

As of July 2005, his estate was reportedly worth 'nothing'.

The disclosure of 13.4 million documents dramatically revealed the ties of major companies and political figures to secretive overseas arrangements.We are careful to ensure that our ownership of overseas property is through vehicles incorporated in the same country as the asset.'Where the group occasionally has entities in offshore locations, it is typically as a result of the requirements of joint-venture partners.'It also emerged today that the family of former Treasury minister James Sassoon, who is now a member of the House of Lords, also had a Bahamas investment vehicle worth around £200million in 2008.The trust was set up by his grandmother Doris Herschorn and the peer, a relative of the war poet Siegfried Sassoon, received roughly £1.5million in 1989, The Guardian also reported.From the sweeping parkland with its wild deer herd to the grand showrooms and world-class collection, there is something for everyone at Knole.Whether you have an hour to spare or a full day ahead, plan a visit to Knole and enjoy a splendid day out in the Kent countryside.

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