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That means she is truly liberated from obsessing, grasping or holding.If you are trying to manifest anything and you get too hung up on when it’s going to arrive and exactly what form it’s going to take, a million magical opportunities could fly by and you won’t see them, but The Fool will.

When The Fool shows up in a Tarot reading, some people might say that it refers to risky, rash behaviour, or a kind of naive optimism. The Fool carries the building blocks of the entire universe in her little knapsack and when she turns up in a Tarot reading, it’s really an invitation to tap into the secrets only she knows.

If you just look at the card you see a young man/woman who looks like she’s about to step off a cliff.

That’s does seem foolish and reckless until you understand the nature of the creative process.

If someone attacks you for going after your dream, it may be because deep down they have squashed theirs’ out of fear.

Know that you are perfect in your imperfections, unique and lovable as you are.

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That’s the kind of leap of faith we take when we start to paint or write, launch a business, open a shop or set our intention to do something magnificent.

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