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Also Read: Lawyer Posts Free Porn Online, Blackmails Viewers for Million Wherever you live, you may have noticed that your local weather reporter has become younger and better-looking, as ratings-hungry news shows have gone from one cliche — the wacky weatherman — to another: the youthful, pretty weather woman.(“It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” has made fun of this phenomenon with the character of model-beautiful weather woman Jacki Denardo.) There’s nothing funny about the trend to middle-aged Los Angeles weather forecaster Kyle Hunter, who last year accused Los Angeles CBS stations KCAL and KCBS of passing him over for weather forecasters Evelyn Taft and Jackie Johnson — young women his lawsuit described as “cut from the same blond, attractive, buxom mold.” Hunter said he wanted to follow in the mold of now-retired KCBS weatherman Johnny Mountain, but was told by KCAL’s station manager that KCAL “catered to …Besides, the network said, it was allowed to hire weather anchors who were “local celebrities” to boost ratings.

Hooters has been hit with class-action lawsuits for hiring only ” Hooters Girls” as servers, and settled by agreeing to hire men as bartenders and hosts, but has stuck to its all-women server policy.Those women deserved a man who was more secure and didn’t need to advertise to the world, “Look Who I Can Bang! I remember going out with a knockout, so smoking my friends would high-five me whenever her back was turned.She was, and remains, a remarkable woman of depth and awesomeness. But I was to her, and clearly she was arriving at conclusions I would shortly thereafter share. Not that I wouldn’t return Megan Fox’s phone calls. A Texas federal judge shot that argument down, saying that the primary functions of ticket agents and flight attendants are to book flights, sell tickets, maintain cabin safety, and serve food and drinks — and that all of those tasks could be done by men.Congress gave employers permission to discriminate based on sex — but not on race — but only when gender is essential to the primary function of the job.

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