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Ironically, these same rules could now be used to banish him.

Writing about these changes on the Huffington Post website this month, he said; 'The actions of a few damage our reputation. Asked by one of the women, whose voice is disguised, about former Labour prime minister Tony Blair's decision to go to war in Iraq, Lord Sewel says the ex-party leader did so 'because he fell in love with George Bush'.

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is an ABC sitcom that centers on three families: The Pritchetts, a May-December interracial couple: Ed O'Neill as the 60-something Jay married to the 30-something Gloria (played by Sofia Vergara), with an 11-year-old stepson, Manny (Rico Rodriguez).

Episodes tend to rely on standard family comedy tropes and plot lines, in a modern setting.

The show uses the Docucomedy format popularized by quickly reached both universal critical acclaim and very high Nielsen numbers, becoming one of the best and most successful shows in history.

It's Coca-Cola – forget the Cola.' This is an obvious reference to the slang term for cocaine, 'coke'. He can then be seen sitting down at the table and pulling out a small blue package containing white powder from the top of a soft drinks bottle.

In 1997 the then prime minister made him a Labour minister for Scotland to help draft plans for the new Scottish Parliament.

He boasted about living in the same flats as Keeler, and said: ‘A Tory MP was found dead in his flat.

I think he strangled himself to get a sexual high.’Sewel begins the night by saying: 'What shows up in blood tests?

I can't do substances because it can kill me.' One of the girls says: 'You were really naughty the other night.

You really, really were.' He responds: 'I know.''No, it's not Pepsi, it's another word rather than Pepsi cola. 'Well, I mean, if people would enjoy a little,' he replies, gesturing and wandering around the room.

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Officers began looking into claims last year that for years, prominent figures including VIPs, Whitehall officials and MPs plied young boys from local care homes with alcohol before ferrying them to flats at Dolphin Square where they were abused.

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