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It is exceedingly rare, but has gained some fame for appearing on Jerry Beck's "Worst Cartoons Ever." On the DVD, he states that he has not found any evidence that it was aired on TV.

The show is infamous for its shoddy pencil-sketch artwork, reused animation, rambling voiceovers, muffled soundtrack, and general low-budget problems.

When the program got to the segment on pistols, I was reminded of a gun I had long been quasi familiar with, but never really given much thought.

That gun is the Type 94 pistol designed by Kijiro Nambu chambered in 8mm Nambu.

So instead of yelling at your Aunt Jennifer about how reductive that question is, or going on a rant about the dozens of Tinder messages that never amounted to anything, we've come up with a handful of pithy responses.

There are stories of Japanese officers handing the pistol over when “surrendering” and then pressing the sear bar to get off one last suicide shot.TV Guide, for example, published two lists, one in 2002 and another in 2010, each of which had contemporary shows near the top of the list; The Jerry Springer Show and the XFL in the top three of the 2002 list, while The Jay Leno Show topped, and in fact inspired, the 2010 list and the XFL had fallen nearly 20 spots.The following is a list of television series considered the worst by published professional critics, network executives, and/or through viewer rejection (extreme low viewership despite high promotion).said that the Type 94 is a collectible “not to shoot, but to ridicule” and with that I knew I had to have one.A few days later I went to a gun shop close to me that specializes in antiquities and collectible arms and they had not one, but three Type 94 Nambu pistols.

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What if one of your friends came up to you with a grin on his face and told you that he went out and intentionally bought the worst pistol ever produced? I was watching one of my old favorite shows the other day called from back when the History channel actually had some history on it and the episode was about Japanese firearms before and during World War II.

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  1. 'I've been stabbed with needles and pins; my skin has been cut and pulled by clips.'I've been to castings in London where there are hundreds of models and only a handful of chairs provided.