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With his record breaking 500 home runs, Rodriguez has put his name at the top of all-time leaders in home runs list.He has taken himself and his team to places that Major League Baseball was not prepared to deal with, becoming a powerful phenomenon in baseball.They were, and last summer Jeter finally gave up the single life at age 42. If you're a Yankees fan, you know a few of them ...

Yankees superstar Derek Jeter will need a hot bat if New York is to surpass the upstart Cleveland Indians in this week's American League Division Series.

As fans of attractive women and baseball, The Hollywood Gossip staff probably gives that honor to Jessica Biel and Derek Jeter.

But no matter what, he has a hot girlfriend in Gabrielle Union! Derek Jeter can't help being awesome at baseball and good looking. Here's hoping that she finds a little stability with the Yankees shortstop, who she was linked to as far back as February, and denied dating at the time!

And he never, ever walked the MET Gala with Minka Kelly. a man party is a man party and Chace has man bangs he wants to show off.

I can’t remember the last time Derek Jeter walked a red carpet with a girlfriend.

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2 will be retired on Sunday, was one of New York's most eligible bachelors throughout his career, and like Alex Rodriguez, he dated a bunch of celebrities before settling down.

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