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This page is comprised of Korra's relationships with other characters in the World of Avatar, extending from her early life at the Southern Water Tribe to her later life in Republic City.

Korra is a vivacious and caring young woman whose antics find her both dangerous enemies and loving friends.

When Korra learned from her mother that Tonraq was approached to be part of a kidnapping attempt of Unalaq, she immediately assumed that her father had accepted the offer.

Despite her anger with him, she did offer the rebels a chance to escape without consequences in an attempt to save her father.

As they approached the entrance to the portal, Tonraq urged them to go, stating that he would repel intruders, but noticing her father's agony, Korra refused to let him fight and asked Asami to take him back to her mother and the other injured ones at the White Lotus Compound.

Korra was left angered that her father kept this secret for so long, and later refused to talk to him at all, except to tell him to leave before she encountered the Everstorm.Tonraq expressed his sadness, telling Korra that he was sorry that he had failed her, but the latter did not relinquish hope, stating that they still had a chance.As a testament to her words, Bumi miraculously rescued and freed the group.They were supportive of their young daughter, enough so to let her travel to Republic City and follow her destiny.Korra bade her parents farewell before she embarked on her voyage to the city.

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When Korra started a relationship with Asami, Korra could not wait to share her excitement with her parents, and they were the first to receive the news.

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