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“Commercial Company” refers to sex workers, as in, “any commercial out there tonight? ” The sex workers play an elaborate game of tag with the security guards and police officers.

MJ: Describe the police or security presence on the lot. Like I said, some truck stops were clean as a whistle. When police rolled through, truckers would announce their arrival and precise location.

We set out from New York, drove south on I-95, then west on I-10 until we hit L. We did a lot of research online and spoke with truck drivers to find out where the sex workers were most prevalent. We resolved ahead of time that we wouldn’t pay them because we thought that would make the film disingenuous. We had to go through a large volume of sex workers to find our cast.

We put together a map indicating hotspots around the country. They weren’t writers, filmmakers, musicians, or painters.

It makes sense from the truck stop’s perspective—they don’t want to alienate paying customers. AP: As one sex worker put it: “We sell our bodies, they sell their time—how different are those really?

MJ: The film depicts both prostitutes and truckers as victims in this larger drama of human appetites and loneliness. ” Both truck drivers and sex workers were doing a job that wore them down emotionally, but the money was good enough to keep them working. In some cases, it seemed like truck drivers were taking advantage of sex workers, in others like sex workers were taking advantage of truck drivers, and, in a rare few, it seemed there was mutual respect. It seemed like she needed a sense of closure and empowerment.

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