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We invented "Stardate" to avoid continually mentioning Star Trek's century (actually, about two hundred years from now), and getting into arguments about whether this or that would have developed by then.

They concluded that the 'time continuum' would therefore vary from place to place, and that earth time may actually be lost in travel.

The two men had a few drinks while brainstorming, and soon began chuckling over their imaginative 'stardate' computations.

'We tried to set up a system that would be unidentified unless you knew how we did it,' Peeples says.

Dress warmly (especially for evening programs) and bring your reservation confirmation with you.

Central Time (and additional hours on Star Party nights) every day except Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Day.

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" The answer was because you were in a different sector of the universe.' [4] The following instructions to writers were copied from the series bible Star Trek Guide; they are quoted at Star Trek Fact Check.

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